Maybe you were dragged from here to there while your family searched for the next geographical cure — or you bounced from one relative to another while the grown ups figured things out. One minute you’re sippin’ on sweet tea with the Pentecostal Holiness crowd — and the next you’re choking down wheat grass juice while your family is spending a summer cult-adjacent.

You may have found yourself trying to artfully navigate the tectonic plates of ever changing loyalties between feuding parents, grandparents, friends, or even colleagues — only to be deemed the hero in one minute and the devil in the next.

Any number of things can have you feeling stuck in a situation you don’t belong in anymore — unable to let go of this and step into that. It’s even possible to find yourself stuck between your own then and now — with one foot in the past, desperately trying to outrun what’s in your own head.

I spent much of my life like this and I can tell you it’s exhausting. Things are never really this and they aren’t quite that. You’re unable to take an actual step forward and not too sure where to plant your foot even if you could. Meanwhile, you’re hopping from one foot to the other, shuckin’ and jivin’ for your worthiness. To the observer, when you do finally manage to take a step in any direction, you will often appear drunk, crazy, or lost, no matter how noble your intention at the time. Now, I’m not saying they’re necessarily wrong, they just don’t know where you’re coming from.

Living a life between extremes can take its toll and make you one hot mess. Some might even say you were a natural disaster. Breaking free of it can even look a bit clumsy,  but it wouldn’t be possible to actually get your shit together without getting a little on ya.

Come grow with me on an absurd journey.

“Somewhere Between This & That: An Absurd Journey” is my trilogy of novels.   Book one — “The Making of a Natural Disaster” — coming soon.



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