Somewhere Sunday Sampler 3: “Lines & Smoke”

In the third week of our series we pick up at chapter 5: “Lines & Smoke” If you're just coming across this series, you can catch up from the beginning HERE. From the trilogy Somewhere Between This & That: An Absurd Journey Book One: THE MAKING OF A NATURAL DISASTER This is a work of fiction. … Continue reading Somewhere Sunday Sampler 3: “Lines & Smoke”

“Heartbreaking and Hilarious!”

The first book of the trilogy, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THIS AND THAT: AN ABSURD JOURNEY is now available! "The Making of a Natural Disaster" is a wild ride through the 70’s and 80’s. This family saga is told through the eyes of a child who can gather no moss during her nomadic upbringing. Full of high times … Continue reading “Heartbreaking and Hilarious!”

I’ve Got the Music in Me

  WHEN I HEAR “BAND ON THE RUN”, I’m immediately propelled back in time to the inside of a bright orange Dodge van. The sun is shining, it’s warm, and I’m enjoying the coolness of the air blowing on my face from the AC vents.  I’m only 3 or 4-years-old and I’m leaning on the … Continue reading I’ve Got the Music in Me

Myrtle Beach Amnesia – It’s A Kind of Magic

Was Myrtle Beach ever really what you remember?

Both visitors and locals alike can be heard pining away for the Myrtle Beach that “used to be”. They speak passionately of how it was once a “family beach” and, understandably, always mention The Myrtle Beach Pavilion Amusement Park. With a faraway twinkle in their eyes they recount their vision of the beach’s former splendor … Continue reading Myrtle Beach Amnesia – It’s A Kind of Magic