“Heartbreaking and Hilarious!”

The first book of the trilogy, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THIS AND THAT: AN ABSURD JOURNEY is now available!
“The Making of a Natural Disaster” is a wild ride through the 70’s and 80’s. This family saga is told through the eyes of a child who can gather no moss during her nomadic upbringing. Full of high times and holy rollers, her absurd journey has her bouncing between Southern California and South Carolina — several times — as she’s shipped back and forth from drug & drama-filled chaos on the one coast, to a pistol-packing Pentecostal great-grandmother on the other. From a family that’s part rock, a little country gravy, and almost 100% crazy, is it any wonder she’s a “Natural Disaster” in the making? At times tragic and hilarious, this undeniably American tale is an irreverent dramedy that deals with a wide array of dysfunctions.

Full of salty language – it is INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES!


Print Edition


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